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The story behind this website began with our own experience in Switzerland. As a binational couple we found out that it may be pretty hard for foreigners to find proper locations, things or events that they are interested in – and can also feel welcome there! Even though the choice is huge enough, which every local can confirm, it may be quite challenging for the newcomers to orient themselves in this German (or even Swiss German) world.

Language difficulties are only one reason for this issue. Another one is cultural background. We all have different demands for service quality, we have different expectations and understanding of the same things. That is why some Russians still fly to Moscow to make their haircut; Germans drive through the border to repair their cars; and Potuguese ask their friends to bring the Salt cod with their next visit to Switzerland. But gues what? These services and things are also available here! Some of us know where to find it, others not (yet!). Wouldn’t it be great to get the whole range of necessary information in one place and from those who definetely know, what do you mean saying “good breakfast”, or “interesting activity park”, or “fashionable clothes”?

That is how we came to an idea to make foreigners’ life in Switzerland easier, collecting all the necessary data in one website. Moreover, we do not aim to be the only ones who share their opinion. We offer you a great opportunity: to see what other foreigners from different countries think or recommend and to give your own feedback on places you visited here.

We are making it to improve experience and life of foreigners in Switzerland, helping each other to easier find all the exciting opportunities this country has to offer. Which services you liked? Where were you disappointed? What place would you highly recommend to everyone?

Whether you just arrived or have already been living here for many years, Your Opinion Matter!

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Welcome to – special portal for expats, tourists and foreigners in Switzerland.

Here we share the most useful information about the places, locations, events and groups you may be interested in. And you can feel free to share your feedback on the places you visited so that other guests of this website can find the most relevant information based on your advices.

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